The instructors at Hangar 9 Aviation teach flying because they all love to fly! Each student is unique and we try to tailor the training to the student. We take the time to determine your schedule and budget so you can achieve your goals.

Flying is challenging but we try to add some fun…

Flight School HuntingtonKreth Sink

Kreth resides in Scott Depot, WV.

An engineer by degree, he is a retired Operations Manager from Dow Chemical.

Kreth’s involvement in aviation began over thirty years ago and he holds a Commercial SEL/MEL rating and is a CFII.
Kreth is an aircraft owner and builder, flying a Cessna 182 and an RV-4.

He is also an EAA National Convention Chairman with twenty-five years service.



Flight Training CharlestonBill Motsinger

Bill is the owner of Hangar 9 Aviation. He earned his private pilot certificate in 1981 at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati, Ohio. After many years of off and on again flying, he purchased his 1946 Cessna 140 “just for fun”.

He became active in Civil Air Patrol and has many “low and slow” hours over the mountains of West Virginia. After obtaining his instrument and commercial ratings he was encouraged to become a CFI, a decision he has never regretted.

Bill is a Viet Nam veteran, flying as aircrew in the Navy’s SP-2H Neptune. He is a member of SAFE, AOPA, EAA, and the International Cessna 120/140 Association.



Flight Training HuntingtonRick DeGroff

Rick’s desire to learn to fly began when he was a teenager and his uncle volunteered to take him for a flight in a Cessna 172.

“I was surprised at how small my hometown seemed from a few thousand feet in the air. The feeling was amazing and I knew right then that I was going to learn to fly!”

A few years later Rick earned his Private Pilot Certificate and began sharing the gift of flight with everyone he could. Rick jokes that he hardly has any solo hours because he rarely flies anywhere without taking someone along to share the experience. “Introducing others to aviation is one of the best things about flying…”, he says, “and that’s part of why I love flight instructing.”

Rick is a member of AOPA, EAA and he is active in the Young Eagles program. Rick is an owner of a Piper Cherokee 180. He lives in Putnam County with his wife Sarah and their 5 children.


Jeff SimmonsJeff Simmons

Jeff Simmons grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, and has had his eyes in sky since he was little. He took a few flights toward the end of high school to be sure that he wanted to be a pilot, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Jeff graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL in Dec. 2010. His degree is in Aeronautical Science with a minor in Air Traffic Management. He instructed at “Riddle” for about 8 months before moving to Manassas, VA to work as a flight instructor in 2011.

Jeff’s wife Michelle is an air traffic controller in Huntington, WV. He holds CFI, CFII, and MEI certificates, and hopes to achieve ATP minimums soon in order to reach another milestone in his career.




Paul-Nadas-225x300Paul Nadas

Paul is one of those pilots who always wanted to fly ever since he was a little kid. Most of his flight training was in his former home state of Oregon. Since relocating to West Virginia in late 2006, Paul has instructed at Logan County, Yeager, Mingo County, Lawrence County (OH), and Ona.

About 1/2 of his logged hours are Instructional Time, and that is the activity he loves the most: sharing his passion for flight!

Paul is a Viet Nam veteran. He frequently flew in the back seat of a Cessna Bird Dog. For his service in Viet Nam, Paul was awarded the Bronze Star

Paul lives in Charleston with his son, Will, and their loyal hound, Leo.