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Man has always looked to the sky and dreamed of flying.  With Hangar 9 Aviation, this can be more than just a dream; it can be reality.

Whether you’re looking to become airborne for the first time or a pilot seeking new challenges, Hangar 9 Aviation will help you soar to new heights. Discover what’s beyond the horizon.

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Changes to Hangar 9 Aircraft and Instructors

We are rotating aircrafts between Ona Airpark and Charleston Yeager Airport. To schedule an aircraft select the aircraft with the airport identifier for the airport where you will be flying.

Instructors primarily based at Ona are Bill Motsinger and Charley Shumaker.
Instructor primarily based at Charleston is Kevin Ray. Steve McConihay and Joel Alm are also instructing as time permits.

If you have questions call 304.541.4171 or email wmotsinger@hangar9aviation.com.
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