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Future & Active Pilot Advisors (FAPA.aero), formerly known as FltOps.com, is a career and financial advisory service for professional pilots and aspirants. They have services that have brought thousands of pilots from the Private pilot level to sitting in the right seat of a Boeing 767.

  • Online Content – Get Hiring News from Almost 300 Airlines, Aviation Colleges, Scholarships, and Flight School Listings. We have the largest collection of Flight Training Scholarships Available – almost 550 scholarships.
  • Career Advisory Service – Get the Answers to Your Questions. You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.
  • Interview Preparation Course – One-on-one Mock Interviews, Logbook Review, much more.
  • Résumé Review – Your Professional Résumé needs to be just that, professional. Is yours? Are you sure?
  • Pilot Job Fairs – Meet with Airline Recruiters to Discuss Career Opportunities.


Flight Training Financing

Hangar 9 Aviation offers flight training financing through Pilot Finance, Inc. A custom training plan will be designed for you based on the number of lessons per week, estimated hours, and the type of certificate or rating you are pursuing. The program can be used for fixed wing private pilot, Instrument Pilot, and Commercial Pilot. It can include related expenses such as training materials. Approval can be obtained in as little as 24 hours. The ability to fly frequently reduces the training time needed which reduces the cost and gets you your certificate or rating sooner. It brings the dream within reach.

Click below and request an appointment to explore your options or call 304.541.4171.